Spiteful Priest can highroll you out of the game before it even started. Aggressive decks are difficult. This epic rarity minion creates 0 mana coins in your hand, making the guaranteed Beardo one-turn-kill a possible scenario in the later stages of the game. Yes, you can trade perfectly well if you have Equality and a minion on board early, but what then? Maybe next turn your opponent plays a 7/7, then your Frost Nova will save you 19 damage. Quest Mage, or as Yu-Gi-Oh!-experts may call it, Exodia Mage, was the first candidate on the list of OTK decks that can kill you no matter what (in fact, boatloads of armor or Eye for an Eye can help). N'Zoth, The Corruptor: A lot of Exodia Paladin variations run our very special Old God. Find out about the Pokemon TCG meta decks and look through the latest tournament decklists. – Play Arcanologist before other card draw. Pirate warrior is probably 2nd worst, but not as bad as hunter since their weapon damage is finite. Exodia Mage deck comparison and guides. Other than that, the list features a lot of versatile tools to deal with several meta archetypes, and especially one card takes the crown: Call to Arms. Using the example above, if there's a 2/2 and 10/10 on board, and you have Frostbolt and Frost Nova, what should you choose? I don’t like running into spiteful priest with this deck because they don’t use spells, meaning I don’t get coins. If you can draw your entire deck, you will win. Any feeback on your experience against them would be more than welcome even tho I dont see a lot of them. Buy DIY LED Light Box Novelty Decorative Sign with Letters - Black, 8.75" x 11.7" at Walmart.com. Hunter is the worst matchup. Of course that depends also if he gets those anoying mind control at the end. If there’s nothing to control but Loot Hoarders and Dirty Rats that will never draw out minions, Spel Hunter pretty much only plays Animal Companions that get cleared over and over again. 2x Messenger of Peace. Cookies help us deliver our services. P.S; Could you add Exodi Paladin to Deck Archetypes/Best Meta Decks(bellow, with other mentions) . This is a difficult deck to play, but once you familiarize yourself with the concepts, it becomes easier. Last 2 points and i think those are important ones : And most importantly, don’t forget that you will need five free board slots to pull off your deadly Horsemen combo! Many of the concepts are similar to freeze mage. HOWEVER manageable with the condition of gettin uther real quick turn 9 or even 7/8 using coins because no need to actually try the combo against them i always won against them without it( fatigue with their Aluneth or they just concede). I have an eye on the card called Eye for an Eye, and I’m not sure if N’Zoth, the Old God himself, is actually called N'Zoth, The Corruptor or Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound, who is actually not really Rage Unbound! … Its also Exodia because you need auctionmaster beardo and a bunch of coins in your hand to trigger it, Exodia is an OTK, but you dont have to be an Exodia to be an OTK deck. Complete the quest, Open the Waygate, to get Time Warp, then cast 2x Molten Reflection on 2x Sorcerer's Apprentice to get 4x Sorcerer's Apprentices, and finally cast Time Warp for 1 mana. Mulligan: Cards to keep are Call to Arms, Loot Hoarder, Righteous Protector and Hydrologist. All 5 pieces of "Exodia". Royal magical library is your main monster you need to get all the Exodia cards in one shot. Also u … By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Our Exodia Mage guide also contains Mulligan advice, card combos and strategy tips. Fun deck but i made some changes and it works really well, sitting at rank 4 now i played 10 games so far and 10-0 and i played against warlock cube and control kinsbane rogue combo priest big priest even spitful i managed to win once and the rest was druid and mage. One thing Control Paladin archetypes have never been good against are multiple early high-impact threats. Unaffected by enemy Spell Cards, Silent Magician LV 8 is able to burn through cards like Swords of Revealing Light to deliver the coup de grace. Don’t be afraid to take bad trades in the early game, because eventually you will have enough tools to deal with most threats after you have reached late-game. Maybe a deck that heavily relies on two or three key cards to win the whole game? Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. Take a second to tell us how you feel! Make Offer - Yu-Gi-Oh Complete Exodia Set - LCYW - Secret Rare - LP. And while most of them got terribly denied by several game mechanics like Taunt minions or armor cards, Blizzard decided to push different archetypes that don’t kill through ridiculous minion damage. I usually don't use an AOE freeze unless it can prevent 8+ damage. The match up against secret mage can be really tricky, finding the balance between cleaning their board so they dont hit us more plus playing around their secret is a pain in the a**. EXODIA DI VANGUARD - by Reverse2014 // Formato Extreme Fight. If you can increase that number from 5 to 10, you're doing it correctly. Believe it or not this situation isn't too uncommon. 1 Braccio Sinistro del Proibito Many Decks from the various Yu-Gi-Oh! Either way that weapon is hitting your face, so delaying the inevitable doesn't do anything if it won't get you an extra turn. All in all, you can win a decent amount of games on your way to your win condition already. 99 $12.95 $12.95 Due to the recent nerfs, most games tend to be a lot slower, so including even two copies won’t be punished as hard, and highly improves the matchups of Exodia Paladin, Control Warlock. 3 Biblioteca Reale Magica. The amount of pressure can only be matched by great board clear combo draws, and sadly we won’t have those every game. It can however definitely be a life-save against aggro decks even when played from the hand, so replacements should provide similar survivability and the ability to get pulled out by Call to Arms, for example Plated Beetle or Doomsayer (the latter destroys the purpose of Call to Arms in some scenarios). Mulligan: Cards to keep are Righteous Protector, Hydrologist and Call to Arms. It usually does nothing once your Ice Block has already been popped, so try to play it before that happens. You really need to sit down and think ! Against many other decks you can force your opponent into using spells with pure defensiveness but not that one. exodia deck build 2018 gmc + exodia deck build 2018 gmc 03 Feb 2021 ... over $35. And this is where things get hairy: After you played Uther of the Ebon Blade, you are still only summoning one of your four 2/2 tokens per turn. 1 Exodia il Proibito. Mulligan: Cards to keep are basically all cards that are cheap so you can play your hand at any time if you have to, and Dirty Rat to pull out Coldlight Oracles if possible. "Exodia" (エクゾディア, Ekuzodia) is an archetype of DARK Spellcaster monsters, with its first member released in Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon and its first support released in Millennium Box Gold Edition. If Ice Barrier saved you a turn, then you used it well. Challenger Decks will be available April 6, 2018, and will have an MSRP of $29.99 (only applies to the United States). Yu-Gi-Oh Complete Exodia Set - LCYW - Secret Rare - LP. Mulligan: Cards to keep are Call to Arms,  Righteous Protector, Hydrologist and Loot Hoarder. Concept #3 – Maximize the effect of each stall card. Another x factor in that equation will always be everybody’s favorite Barnes. 1x Monster Reborn. Dirty Rat helps as well, especially against a lot of high-impact battlecry minions. October 5th, 2012. Exodia Mage is a Hearthstone deck archetype that works by generating multiple copies of Sorcerer's Apprentice to make all spells effectively free, before creating an endless supply of free Fireballs via Archmage Antonidas. The full Card Image Gallery for Commander (2018 Edition) is up! Similar to Spell Hunter, both of these “Big” archetypes are all about that control meta. This matchup certainly is a special one. Japanese Expanded. Nice work, I hope I will be able to take this deck higher than before. The one exception is if you believe your Ice Block will pop. They are focused on alternative victory conditions, and has support related to summoning or strengthening Beatsticks resembling Exodia. 3 Dogma - Eroe del Destino. Worlds. the 5 Pieces of Exodia. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Thank you for this post been searching out for guide for quite some time. 2x Hand Destruction. (Unless there are no more secrets in your deck). Complete the quest, Open the Waygate, to get Time Warp, then cast 2x Molten Reflection on 2x Sorcerer's Apprentice to get 4x Sorcerer's Apprentices, and finally cast Time Warp for 1 mana. leonsirio. Correction about the spitful i wanted to say ” they dont have SPELLS” and NOT “secrets” ahah, I love this deck its so fun. FORBIDDEN (Banidas) Você não pode ter as cartas abaixo em seu deck: Monsters (Monstros) SUBSTITOAD VICTORY DRAGON CHAOS EMPEROR DRAGON - ENVOY… This Exodia Paladin guide includes Overall Strategy, Tech Cards/Replacements, and a Matchup and Mulligan guide! è davvero un deck crudele però. ... 2017-2018. Use the checkboxes to compare up to eight decks! For comparison, in over 50 games, only four times I was able to summon all four Horsemen. I won every game against dragon priest but lost every game against spiteful priest. Silencing the correct minions with Spellbreaker can buy you enough time to draw your win condition; killing Voidlords to spawn harmless Voidwalkers that can’t kill you is also a common technique to avoid inevitable death. Mulligan: Cards to keep are Hydrologist to get secrets against Counterspell, Righteous Protector and Loot Hoarder. Active filters. 24. exodia deck build 2018 gmc Assembly of the Hardwood Artisans Loft Bed. The 3 mana 3/4 that resets your Hero Power every time you play a spell was printed just to serve its purpose in Exodia Paladin. Mulligan: Cards to keep are Righteous Protector, Call to Arms and Burgly Bully (guess who’s getting a lot of coins?!). ; Visit our Patreon page and subscribe with your Discord name for $1/month. 1x Upstart Goblin. $115.00. Combo Wonder Wand with Blue Dragon Summoner is excellent for both these reasons. Also another fact and it is actually being different from what you said, I had 3 games againt spell hunter and it didnt go well at all as they managed to hit me hard real quick so i found my self trapped ! This is where math gets more important than anything: To kill your opponent with your altered Hero Power and with no Horsemen token on the board, Beardo needs either exactly 3 coins or 2 coins and a 1-mana spell on turn 10. First of all, cycling through the deck to get those juicy combo pieces as early as possible is mandatory. – If you can only summon 3x Sorcerer's Apprentices, you can do at least 27 damage if there are no taunts in the way. Not many cardy behave like that, but Lynessa certainly fits that description! you will need plenty of draw and search power. Exactly, and that is why Exodia Paladin hates to play against Mill Rogue and any mill deck in general. 2016-2017. Internationals. Ritorna all'elenco Deck EXODIA DI VANGUARD Ultimo aggiornamento: 10/05/2019 21:32:59 I removed hydro and the 2 spellbreakers i added 2 stonehill wich is really good to get some protection against some decks ( it worked really well for me against the warlock ! ) Then on the extra turn, play Archmage Antonidas, cast any spell, and get infinite Fireballs that cost 0 mana! Nevertheless,  streamers like Silvername made a more defensive list including N’Zoth. Try to stall the game as long as possible until you can complete the quest and assemble the combo. 2x Mirror Force. Mulligan: Cards to keep are Righteous Protector, Hydrologist, Loot Hoarder, Call to Arms and Rallying Blade. 8 Dicembre 2017. – The value of Ice Barrier decreases as the game progresses. Ringrazio anticipatamente per le risposte. © 2021 MagicFind, Inc. All rights reserved. Our Exodia (OTK) Paladin deck list guide for the Kobolds and Catacombs expansion, will teach you the ins-and-outs of this deck! There’s not much to say about the matchup. Combo Wonder Wand with Blue Dragon Summoner is excellent for both these reasons. 3x The Legendary Exodia Incarnate.